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Cruise vacations are the best value in the travel industry.  Here's why...

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When you choose KVI, you're not just choosing our famous 'lowest prices with no booking fees', you're choosing round-the-clock access to your own personal KVI Travel Professional – a highly experienced travel advisor who is frequently able to save you 10%, 20%, even 50% or more on your overall travel expenses. Your KVI Travel Professional is personally accountable to ensure you have the vacation of a lifetime, every time. It's no wonder that KVI has the highest customer retention level in the business.   

We simply stand apart on so many levels…

Did you know?

  • ...that KVI has been in business since 1998, built on a foundation of providing travel to people within the travel industry.  With over 60 offices in nine counries, KVI is one of the largest and most respected brands within the travel industry.  KVI now offers this solidly established foundation of experience and reliability to the general public!

  • ...that a vacation priced at $2000 may actually end up costing you more than one priced at $4000? Helping you avoid the hidden costs of a vacation (the ‘Final Fee Factor’) is just one of the benefits of having your own personal KVI Travel Professional working for you!

  • ...the value of booking with a KVI Travel Professional?  With so many travel options out there, it can be overwhelming.  Your KVI Travel Professional works as your 'value interpreter'.  Using our expertise, we find amazing experiences that exceed your every desire, but not your budget.  With our services, you can be confident that your vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free, and filled with moments you'll never forget.

  • ... that your Personal KVI Travel Professional can save you hours of time researching the perfect vacation? He/She knows the truth about the real final costs of a trip and can save you 10%, 20%, even 50% or more on your final bill by showing you where those hidden costs can occur and helping you avoid them.

  • ...that your personal KVI Travel Professional knows just where to look to give you the ‘little extras’ - the best cabins, upgrades, onboard credits, coupon booklets, amenities, etc.

  • ...that KVI Travel Professionals rely on your business and referrals and are motivated to be available around the clock to take your calls/emails. We are passionate about what we do and we want you to experience the trip of a lifetime, every time!

  • ...that KVI is one of the few travel agencies to have direct contracts with every major cruise line - most of our competitors don’t have their own contracts and rely on third party companies to book travel, putting their clients at risk.